• CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition
  • 30 November-2 December 2023
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Connecting the World in the Intersection of the Middle Corridor

The most strategic intersection of the international transport route, spanning from London to China and named as the “Middle Corridor”, Mersin welcomes CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition between September 28- October 01,  2022.


Problems, which have arisen in the Suez Channel recently, have become a serious threat to global trade and increased the search for alternative trade routes. Aiming to stimulate cooperation and trading in Asia, the Caucasus, and the Middle East, which are the main arteries of the ancient Silk Road, CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition has considerable importance for all the shareholders of the supply chain


One of the world’s major container ports connected via railways and highways withTurkey and international countries in terms of its capacity and geopolitical significance, the Port of Mersin, will make a great contribution to the business potentials of the exhibitors.


5 Valid Reasons to Exhibit at CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition:


  • Discover the latest innovations and technologies dedicated to the industry on-site
  • Master the conventional and new-generation methodology
  • Get together and network with industry professionals
  • Promote your solutions for problems on products, services, and the industry
  • Meet the right buyers at the rightest location