• CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition
  • 30 November-2 December 2023
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Fuel Up Your Logistic Chain

Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition will be held between September 28- October 01,  2022 in Mersin, at the most strategic point of the line starting from London and extending to China, defined as the "Middle Corridor" on the international transportation route.

For the global trade interrupted lately by pandemic period, search for alternative lines has vastly increased along with the adaptation process with digital transformation and AI based solutions for all transportation processes.

Seeking to promote the main arteries of the historical Silk Road consisting of Asia, Caucasus and Middle East, Mersin Logistics and Transportation Fair constitutes the most insightful platform featuring the giants of all parties of the supply chain.


Freight to the World

Featuring manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of various sectors showcasing latest products and solutions for transportation sector, Exhibition will be greatly attended by representatives of foreign actors trading with Turkey from abroad, trade missions, investment offices, international federations, member association members of the logistics sector.