• CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition
  • 16-18 January 2025
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The Fast Lane from Mersin to the World

  • Located in the region constituting 1/3 of the world population with a flight distance of 3 hours at maximum, Turkey is placed near the top for logistics investors.


  • Turkey’s projects in transportation aiming at the investment worth 350 billion dollars by 2023 attract global logistics investors to Turkey and blaze the trail to develop cooperation with industry professionals.


  • Exhibitors will cultivate new partnerships with investors at CNR Mersin Logistics and Transportation Exhibition, enabling industry professionals to get to know each other, keep informed, and form common strategies.



  • Mersin, located at the very heart of Europe, the Caucasus, and the Middle East, is positioned at the center of commodity and trade movements ongoing on the east-west axis. This geographical peculiarity makes Mersin and Turkey a natural logistics base for the logistics industry.



  • Mersin distinguishes itself among the Turkish provinces with the highest rate in export and import through service providers in logistics, transportation, shipping, and other related services offer to textile, automotive, chemistry, fast-moving consumption, pharmaceuticals, and electronic appliance industries.